"Vintage Paperback & Pulp Fiction Cover Art"

Pulp Fiction Keychains
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A supply of Pulp Fiction image keychains has been made available to us. And while the selection is limited to those 12 images shown below, quantity is high and quality is great!

These full-color key chains are approximately 1.5" wide x 2.5" high, are laminated in clear plastic, come with a key ring, and display the image on both sides.

Click here for an image of 3 of the actual keychains.

Be the first on your block to have one (or more!) of these jewels rattling around in your pocket or purse!

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Pulp Fiction Keychain Images
KC-005 KC-006 KC-013 OUT OF STOCK KC-046 KC-051
KC-053 KC-054 KC-055 KC-059 KC-067 KC-069

(Click on an image to see a larger view.)

(Note: Keychain "KC-" numbering corresponds to  postcard "PC-" image number.)

Retail Keychain Order Form - $3.95 ea.
PDF format: Click here to view, print and download in Adobe's Acrobat PDF format.
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For Wholesale/Dealer sales and ordering information, visit our Wholesale/Dealer web page here to find "Wholesale Products Available from PC Design"

Dealer Inquiries for Keychains are welcome!

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