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What husbands don't know won't hurt them Never Had So Desperate a Group of Human Beings Banded Together... <no cover blurb> Every Boudoir Was His Office: Every Patient His Plaything His Fight: Range for Texas Nesters, His Reward: Sellout! Days of Temptation -- Nights of Desire -- and Wild Parties -- in an Exotic Love Colony Sadisto Agent 0008 Braves the Peril of Chinese Arms in...
PC-128 PC-242 PC-066 PC-014 PC-279 PC-158 PC-311
She Made Hot Music -- And Torrid Love <no cover blurb> High Voltage Sex and Spying... The Jet-Powered Crusader Matches His Pure (?) Heart... A Terror in the Ring... A Tigress in the Boudoir! ...Takes You Inside the Walls of a Mental Hospital for Women ...His Private Live Would Have Made Even Casanova Blush!
PC-187 PC-159 PC-231 PC-082 PC-176 PC-172 PC-246
  When He Hit Town, All the Dames were Waiting... The Famous Rock 'n' Roll Group Played Cool Songs to Kindle Hot Passions. A Sci-Fi Sex Tour de Farce! A Startling Story of Science at War With Alien Life-Forms Can a Teenage Genius be the World's Greatest Spy? Sure... But Who NEEDS it?  
PC-188 PC-255 PC-244 PC-070 PC-247

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