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Exclusively For Adults A Revealing Story of Dope, Sin and Shattered Dreams... The Shocking Ecstasy of the Forbidden <no cover blurb> <no cover blurb> <no cover blurb>
PC-280 PC-124 PC-004 PC-100 PC-096 PC-053
Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict <no cover blurb> Dope, Danger and Dolls Reckless Passion Ruled Their Shame Cult! A Cheap and Evil Girl Sets a Hopped-Up Killer Against a City She Traded Her Body For Drugs -- and Kicks!
PC-051 PC-260 PC-264 PC-273 PC-020 PC-016
The Adventures of a Modern Man Among the Cruel Men and Passionate Women of Algiers A Glimpse Into the Lives of Our Lost Generation The Frank, Biting Story of a Young Girl of the Slums... She Traded Her Body For Drugs -- and Kicks! A Terrific Tale of Kidnapping, Murder, Dope-Peddling and Politics... Man or Woman, Sister or Brother, Her Lust Knew No Bounds!
PC-258 PC-174 PC-196 PC-248 PC-067 PC-078

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